Basic tools of
the system

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ArCADia MEP tools

Basic BIM tools of the ArCADia system.

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Project Manager tree

Managing views and the displayed information through the clear tree of the Project Manager.

Walls, windows, doors

Inserting elements such as wall, pipe, etc. using the smart tracking function.


Showing elements drawn in the view in a classic or the new 3D view rendered in real time (visualization using a 3D game engine).

Smart TOP 10

A smart list of the most often used commands that are automatically memorized when working on a project, creating a personalized tool palette.


The possibility to compare two versions of a project created as an ArCADia system model in the scope of new and modified system elements.


The possibility to merge the building model from an architectural design with the installation design models to create one complete model of a building project.


Collisions list of all or individual ArCADia system elements on a view, 3D view and a clear list.


Built-in library that allows for detailing with 2D symbols and 3D objects needed in the drawing.

Title blocks

Creating and inserting title blocks with the option of saving them to the program library.

Custom setting

Saving custom settings for elements (pens, fonts, default element sizes, etc.) in the project template.


Built-in library of all elements types, with the possibility of expansion.


Possibility of entering linear and angular dimensioning.

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