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ARCHLine.XP is an innovative 3D CAD/BIM design software suitable for architectural and interior design projects, as well as for creating technical documentation. The work is complemented by photorealistic visual designs, which are complemented by animation if necessary.

Creating a design involves simultaneously working on floor plans, sections, elevations, views, plan sheets and schedules. BIM projects created with ARCHLine.XP are fully aligned and do not require manual updates to keep them in sync, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

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Architectural tools

Model elements have 3D geometry, such as walls and columns, doors and windows, roofs, beams, plinths, stairs, ramps, railings, rooms, etc. Excavation elements complete the project documentation in a specific view, such as lines, arcs, gauges. , text, hatches, etc. ARCHLine.XP coordinates changes throughout the project. This means a more accurate design.

Design phases

With design phases, you can present the existing state and the new construction plan at the same time. Design phases can be separated, and you can demonstrate each stage of the design process using phase filters. Renovating buildings or planning more complex projects becomes significantly easier with design phases.

Automatic BIM modeling from 2D DWG floor plans and floor plan images

Don’t waste time on manual processing! With an automatic BIM modeling algorithm, you can turn 2D DWG floor plans and raster images into real architectural elements in an instant.

Site models and cooperation with Google Maps

Nothing works on the client’s imagination better than the right visualization of the project. ARCHLine.XP, thanks to the possibility of importing a 3D relief model directly from Google Maps, allows you to embed the designed building in the place where it will actually be built.

Point cloud

Point clouds allow 3D representation of existing structures, such as a room or an entire building. Using filters, you can access the details you need and turn them into real BIM elements such as walls, floors, doors and windows.
It offers an efficient solution for fast and size-independent import of large files (E57, RCS, RCP, PLY and LAS file formats).

BIM data exchange

ARCHLine.XP supports a variety of file formats including DWG, DXF, IFC, RVT, RFA, 3DS and OBJ files, allowing users to import and export files from other CAD and BIM software.
Using the IFC format, in addition to geometry, the software receives and transfers BIM parameters, avoiding data loss.

Compatibility with many file formats

You can import and export many 2D and 3D file formats: DWG, IFC, SKP, OBJ, RVT and many other formats. You can directly download objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse into your library and easily insert them into your project.

Reference to external files

You can add any CAD file to your project as an external reference or Xref. Changes made to the reference drawing are automatically reflected in the current drawing when you open it or reload it using Xref.

Team work

Teamwork tools allow you to work on the same project together with colleagues. Every part of your project is updated automatically so that the plan and documentation are one coherent unit throughout its life cycle.

Full documentation

Your documentation will be completed with automatic creation of wall views, sections and elevations. It only takes 3 clicks to fully scale the current floor.

Quantity takeoff

The reports summarize the model information obtained from the project, such as the number and characteristics of rooms, doors and windows in the rooms, as well as the materials and quantities of the building’s walls and slabs. This will help to prepare construction documentation more accurately and quickly.

Plot layout

Using the Plot Layout tool, you can create multi-page documentation from your project. If you want to show changes to the model, you can automatically synchronize all the pages of the plan. The completed print pages can be combined into a PDF document.

Working with 3D point clouds

ZWCAD and ARCHLine.XP provide an effective CAD-BIM solution for those familiar with CAD but new to BIM. With this solution, you can take advantage of ZWCAD’s excellent 2D drafting capabilities while improving collaboration and efficiency when creating a BIM model with ARCHLine.XP.

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You can Try full version for 30 days free of charge!

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The Difference between Others BIM

All in one comprehensive program. No need for extra plugins or add-ons. Architecture - Certified IFC, RFA, DWG, SKP import/export, annotation tools, well-known CAD/BIM functions Interior - tiling, mouldings, curtain tools, lighting, soft furnishing, etc. Furniture design - parametric furniture design, object assembly, etc.