BIM solution for architects & designers


ARCHLine.XP is BIM solution certified by building SMART

ARCHLine.XP provides 2D and 3D views, sections, elevations, plot layouts, schedules from a single database, automatically coordinating changes acrosss all views.

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Single-user license (Perpetual): € 2625+VAT

Single-user license (rent on 1 month): € 128+VAT

Single-user license (rent for 12 months): € 1229+VAT


3 Aspects of Design

The BIM helps professionals to design, construct and manage.

Architecture – Certified IFC, RFA, DWG, SKP import/export, annotation tools, well-known CAD/BIM functions
Interior – tiling, mouldings, curtain tools, lighting, soft furnishing, etc.
Furniture design – parametric furniture design, object assembly, etc.


The Teamwork tools makes available to work on the same project with your colleagues together.

Every part of your project updates automatically, so that the plan and the documentation are one coherent unit through the lifecycle of it.

Wide array of file imports/exports: RFA and RVT (Import), IFC, SKP, DXF, DWG, PDF, OBJ, 3DS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GBXML.

Use Teamwork, dynamic drawing comparison and other team-focused features for better collaboration.

A wide range of Tools

Building tools (walls, openings, beams, columns, stairs, ramps etc.) The ARCHLine.XP building elements automatically comply with the changes in your design. ARCHLine.XP coordinates the changes through the entire project. This means more accurate design.

Set up roof layers, edit rafter, batten, and purlin distribution, create complex structures, or use pre-defined roof shapes.

Site planning tools enables architects to create and shape the terrain for building sites adding plateaus, zones, roads and parking lots.

Design phases allow managing the existing state and the new construction plan at the same time.

High-end visuals, “Redway” engine for powerful standalone and integrated renders. ARCHLine.XP also integrates with major rendering software products.

How to activate licence?

The Manual can be found in ARCHLine.XP under the Help menu supporting your work. The Help is an environment sensitive tool, meaning if you press “F1” during a command then the corresponding guidance appears. It is also possible to use Search.

In case of purchasing ARCHLine.XP Licence, you get free support for the first year. If you have an annual maintenance agreement, you are entitled to online support for one calendar year. Our experienced consultants are available to help you at the highest level, in order to achieve that high speed internet connection is required. Live connection between client’s and consultant’s computers can be established by using Skype or TeamViewer applications.

Registration and activation is a set of simple and quick steps taken upon installation in order to begin using your software. If you’ve used Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office or many of the Adobe products you have already used a similar activation system. When your application is installed, it contacts a central server across the internet to ‘activate’ your software and tie it to the provided serial code (which is provided by email).

This anti-piracy system helps protect your investment in our software and enables us to continue its development at a competitive price.


1. Hardlock protection (USB dongle, sold separately):

It is an extra feature: USB license offers dongle-based copy protection that ties ARCHLine.XP to a hardlock attached to the computer's USB port. In other words, it provides locked license on a USB dongle, which allows you more flexibility to transfer the license between computers easily. Hardlock protection price: 60 EURO+VAT if applicable. You can choose the hardlock protection for Perpetual license only.

2. Software key protection:

You can use ARCHLine.XP software on ONE computer, on which your ARCHLine.XP software is currently installed and activated. License transfer is disabled because software key protection locks the license to the computer. License transfer to another computer requires to remove the activated installation of ARCHLine.XP from your computer with a valid removal code before you install and activate it on another computer.


You can find your serial code inside the ARCHLine.XP package—or in a confirmation e‑mail if you purchased and downloaded ARCHLine.XP online.

You have 30 days after installing ARCHLine.XP to register your serial code. If this 30-day period expires before you complete registration, some ARCHLine.XP features will stop working until you enter your serial code (demo mode).

To registrate the software, open the dialog by clicking the Help menu, and then clicking „Buy now...” Type your ARCHLine.XP serial code. Click Ok, and then follow the instructions. ARCHLine.XP must be restarted in order to complete the process.


You must activate ARCHLine.XP once or periodically according to your Perpetual or Subscription financial model. To activate the software, open the dialog by clicking the Help menu, and then clicking „Activate Product”.‌

Activation requires an Internet connection to connect to the ARCHLine.XP web server on the Internet.If you have Internet connection you can select the Activation via Internet option and then follow the instructions.

Attention! The Serial code is NOT the same as Activation code!

If you have no Internet connection select the Activation via e-mail option, or call the phone number below the button.

Type your ARCHLine.XP activation code obtained from your provider. Click Ok, and then follow the instructions.

If you have no connection then you can choose the option to activate by telephone.


No personal information or information about your computer configuration is transferred. There is a one-way hash* of some machine configuration data, your serial code, and the optional email address sent to the server. If you do not provide the optional information (email address and registration information) then no personal information will be transferred.

*One-way Hash: Codes that identify parts of the computer are put through a special function that turns the codes into a code number that is unique to your computer but cannot be deciphered to determine what those components are. Only this hash value is sent to the activation server and not the details on the computer parts.


Yes, this can be done easily. ARCHLine.XP's license specifically authorizes you to use the software on more than one computer if you are using hardlock protection. For example, you can install ARCHLine.XP's on your office computer and your laptop. Simply install the software on the other machine and click on the "Buy now” and later the "Activate product" button. You have to enter the same serial code and activation code. The software will run properly on that computer where you plug in the Hardlock protection

If you are using software protection without hard lock device you can use the software on one computer only.If you wish to move the software to another computer you should use the Activation via e-mail option to receive a new activation code valid for the computer where you move your license. Activating it on the second computer will automatically deactivate the license for the first computer.


The serial code uniquely identifies your license. You will need the serial code if you ever need to reactivate your software (such as after a disk reformat and reinstall or moving the software to a new machine). The serial code will not change when you reactivate your software. We suggest that you write the serial code down in some permanent location.


The email address on the activation dialog is mandatory if you choose the Activation via email button. You will be able to activate without email address if you choose activation via phone. Your email address will not be sold or provided to any third party.


During a registration the previously provided serial code is required. If the serial code has been lost and cannot be recovered (because an email address was not provided, or the email address is no longer valid) please contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to reset your password.


There are no changes that will cause a permanent disabling of the software. Major changes (disk reformat being one such major change) will mean that you need to reactivate the software. If you have your serial code, this will be a fast and easy process.


The following is the information that you need to setup your firewall:

Server IP address:
Port: 80 (Standard HTTP)


There might be several reasons:
You forgot to register your serial code.
You forgot to activate your license within the allowed time.
You forgot to plug in your hard lock.

You can Try full version for 30 days free of charge!

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The Difference between Others BIM

All in one comprehensive program. No need for extra plugins or add-ons. Architecture - Certified IFC, RFA, DWG, SKP import/export, annotation tools, well-known CAD/BIM functions Interior - tiling, mouldings, curtain tools, lighting, soft furnishing, etc. Furniture design - parametric furniture design, object assembly, etc.

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