CivilCAD Pipes Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to an online workshop focused on Piping Design in CivilCAD software
on September 7 and 14 of this year at 11.00 a.m.
The purpose of this workshop is to improve your understanding of the capabilities, strengths and ease of use of CivilCAD Pipes. The workshop will include 2 consecutive sessions (the second session will be a continuation of the first session).

Main subjects: 

New features and upgrades such as:Export IFC and XML files of pipes and surfaces to work in BIM methodology, DWG assignment for each pipe section, new ‘Sleeves’ feature, an option to edit the captions in the pipe section table, easer way to move manholes locations, new feature to fully control and merge several size/measuring units at the same drawing and more…Pipelines Layout DesignDetailed Section DesignReportsAnd more…