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CYPE functions

CYPE has BIM solutions for professionals in a wide range of areas. The group of applications includes tools that make everyday work easier for any specialist in BIM. Select the group of applications that best suits your needs and find out more below.

  • Architecture (AR) / free 
  • Structures (BK)
  • Engineering communications (MEP)
  • Energy and acoustic simulations
  • Project Managment (PM)
  • REVIT free plugin

Software contains variety of applications for completing necessary tasks.

CYPE BIM - Structures (BK)

Used for structural design by thousands of technical offices and public bodies around the world, CYPE’s software guarantees maximum reliability in analyses and allows users to propose technical and economical solutions for the project.

Prices for packages starts from 1500 EUR

Cype Connect – software for steel joints, read more

CYPE BIM - Plumbing (WS)

CYPE’s suite of tools for the development of plumbing systems in construction projects combines the best of BIM modelling whilst ensuring correct design according to regulatory and technical criteria.

Prices for packages starts from 3000 EUR

CYPE BIM - Electrical installations (EL)

The CYPELEC software suite simplifies the execution of all layout, design, analysis and sizing operations for electrical installations.

Prices for packages starts from 3000 EUR

CYPE BIM - Telecommunications installations (VST)

CYPE has everything you need for telecommunications projects, from infrastructure design to wifi network optimisation.

Prices for packages starts from 3000 EUR.

CYPE BIM - HVAC systems (HVAC)

With these CYPE systems, the specialist responsible for HVAC projects can access precise calculations of thermal loads, design the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems including their components, and create the drawings and diagrams together with the calculations report of their projects.

Prices for packages starts from 3000 EUR.

CYPE BIM - Project managment
(4D un 5D BIM)

CYPE offers users a range of software dedicated to project management, job control and elaborating bills of quantities.

Prices for packages starts from 2500 EUR.

Learning materials

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Fast learing curve
  • Cooperate with collegs from 2D and 3D design system ussing industry formats DWG, DXF, IFC.

BIM Server (free of charge)

  • Open Collaborative Platform for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Projects
  • Free of charge
  • Access to project data from all over world.

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CYPE BIM aplications

CYPE is promoting the use of Open BIM technology which allows users to be part of a collaborative workflow in an open and coordinate manner amongst all the construction professionals in the project team. Open BIM will also grant the AEC industry the capability to manage a building during its entire life-cycle. CYPE contributes to this with the development and constant improvement of the BIM platform in the cloud.