The first steps to work with the PROTA program

first steps with prota structure

Automated building design and detailing technology

ProtaStructure is a design system designed for the design of reinforced concrete and steel structures. The program can calculate loads on structures as well as on the ground. For steel structures, it is also possible to calculate connections between building elements.


The program consists of 4 sections
Prota Structure
Prota Steel
Prota Details
Prota BIM

The trial version contains the full set of the program

Use advanced integrated features including clustered element design, 3D FEA analysis to get results fast. Standards of many countries are available in the program, including the Eurocode.

Training video

Video list with step-by-step tutorial. Follow the instructions and create a finished project!

If there are any uncertainties, please write to

First steps in the program

In the program, the structure is created in the same way as a project is created with classic 2D design and calculation (Excel and tml) programs.

  1. Creates a 3D model with sharp main structures;
  2. Deploys loads;
  3. Corrections are made in constructions, if it is necessary after calculating the loads;
  4. Details constructions according to the Customer’s task
  5. Prepares technical documentation according to the order

Pre-made samples are available in the program, which can be used when testing the program or in the training process.

INSTRUCTIONS for downloading

Download the tutorial for the Prota Structure module

Download the tutorial for the Prota Steel module

Download the tutorial for the Prota Details module

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating system: 64-bit WIN 10, WIN 11.
  • At least 1 GB free disk space and 8 GB (RAM).
  • A CPU with multi-core support is recommended.
  • Resolution 1280×720 pixels.
  • A dedicated graphics card supporting OpenGL and DirectX with at least 1 GB of video memory is required (as ProtaStructure and ProtaDetails use the latest graphical visualization techniques).
  • Windows .NET Framework version 4.5 (please turn on Windows Automatic Updates).

Recommended system requirements

  • Operating system: WIN 10, 64 BIT or WIN 11, 64 BIT.
  • Intel I7 multi-core processor or equivalent.
  • The higher the processor cache and speed, the better.
  • SSD hard drive and plenty of free hard drive space.
  • 16 GB of physical memory (RAM).
  • Screen resolution 1920×1080 pixels and higher.
  • Dedicated graphics card supporting OpenGL and DirectX with 4 GB of video memory.
  • Windows .Net Framework version 4.5 (please turn on Windows automatic update).

Try the full version for 30 days for free!

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WHY CHOOSE ProtaStructure

WHY CHOOSE ProtaStructure?

Design building structures in a unified environment! Save time and increase design accuracy with ProtaStructure. Produce high-quality drawings and all project documentation from ProtaStructure automatically using included ProtaDetails and ProtaSteel.