Engineering, Creativity, Uniqueness… Show Your Skills and Win Special Prizes at ProtaStructure Design Awards 2023!

ProtaStructure Design Awards 2023 Submissions Are Now Open!

We are excited to launch ProtaStructure Design Awards 2023 for all ProtaStructure users worldwide.

You are invited to submit your ProtaStructure Suite designs!

The nominees and winning projects will be made public to a wide audience by extensive press coverage, marketing activities and on social media outlets.

From simplest to the most complex models, there is a place for you!

This year it is easier than ever to submit your projects with a new streamlined process. One form and you’re done, and it’s free. Do no forget to upload your high resolution screenshot images from 4 different angles of your project models.

Evaluation Criteria for the Projects

  • Innovative use of Prota’s software solutions: Key challenges faced during the project and how ProtaStructure was used to overcome those challenges.
  • The uniqueness of the Project.
  • Submission of projects and information will be available via
  • Once you submit your projects, there will be a pre-vetting phase where we shortlist the best models selected by our developers, engineers and support teams at Prota.
  • We’ll then hand over the final selection to you, our users, to decide online where people will be able to see shortlisted projects on our website and social media channels where you’ll be able to vote for your favorite models.
  • Projects with most interactions will be selected winners.