BIM solutions for architects. Choose the right one for your work!

2D DWG (Buildings and Area) - ZWCAD PRO

The program mainly develops 2D documentation for buildings and territory (general plans, territory plans, etc.).
The program supports Latvian standards (National Land Service, LEK-097, Gaso, Citruss Solution, etc.).

ZWCAD is often used as a support program for 3D BIM-type programs such as ArchiCAD, Revit, Allplan, etc.

3D modeling - Sketchup

Computer program SketchUp is intended for architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers, furniture designers, etc.

The program develops 3D models of the building and adjacent territory, usually based on 2D DWG drawings or scanned sketch images.

It is usually used in a set together with ZWCAD (or another DWG program), because it is necessary to create high-quality 2D documentation or to build 3D structures on 2D data.
As well as bundled with a visualization program such as ARCHLine.XP Live.

Archline.XP PRO - BIM type 3D & 2D program

The program develops 3D models of the building and adjacent territory from “A-Z”.
Based on the 3D model, 2D documentation for buildings is created in automatic and semi-automatic mode, so that it can be submitted to the BIS system or to the customer.

The basis can also be 2D DWG drawings, images of sound sketches.
Can import IFC, REVIT, SketchUp, PDF, etc. files / Export IFC, DWG, FBX, etc.

The ZWCAD program is often used as an auxiliary program for the Archline solution to prepare master plans in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Interior and other state institutions.

Rental licenses are also available.

Archline.XP Live - visualizations and videos

ARCHLine.XP LIVE is an easy-to-use rendering/visualization/animation software for converting a 3D project into a model and creating high-quality materials. Usually goes with Sketchup or/and Archline LT& PRO.

Import Archline files or Sketchup files into the program to quickly and qualitatively create visualizations and/or videos.
The program can also create 360° panoramas.

Rental licenses are also available.


ARCHLine.XP LT is BIM software for those already working with BIM and who already have 2D drafting skills. ARCHLine.XP LT will help you create high-quality 3D design and documentation.

Rental licenses are also available.