CAD and BIM software solutions for construction. Our range includes software for various tasks in construction, from PDF file processing, DWG file processing to BIM management tools.

2D/3D design program ZWCAD with a familiar interface and 100% compatibility of DWG files with other CAD programs. No training is required to switch from another CAD program. The work can be started immediately. We can offer training if needed.

Software for the needs of architecture, engineering and construction industry professionals in the field of engineering, architecture and structural design with the use of the most important research in the field of information technology.

ExtrAXION is a digital estimating software that speeds up estimating using multiple alternative measurement methods. PDF, JPG, DWG and other 2D formats can be used as a basis for volume calculation. The 2D format files are scaled at the beginning of the work and then the measurements are read digitally. The program is easy to use. Ready results can be easily imported into Excel tables.

ARES Commander DWG type program that runs on Windows®, macOS® and Linux®, as well as mobile devices. A convenient and high-quality CAD program trusted by millions of users and industry leaders around the world. In construction, it is used for project management, viewing and editing DWG files. For opening and analyzing IFC files.