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2D/3D drafting and 2-axis CNC machine tools - ZWCAD PRO

Design program in 2D and 3D environment. The program usually creates DWG or DXF files with working drawings. The program is used to prepare DXF files for 2-axis CNC machines.

ZWCAD is often used as a support program for 3D BIM-type programs such as ArchiCAD, Revit, Allplan, etc. In the ZWCAD program, outlines are prepared for the detailing of various products and initial data is prepared for CAD&CAM systems, such as Solidworks, Inventor, ZW3D, etc.

BIM 3D modeling and 2D drawing for civil engineers - PROTA Structure

The program is intended for the design of reinforced concrete (constructed on site) and steel structures. The program also has a module for calculating loads. Constructions are created in 3D, prints, specification and detailing in 2D.

The program consists of 4 modules

Prota Structure – models 3D constructions, specifies loads and performs stability tests for constructions.

Prota Steel – details steel structures for production with connections, creates strength tests for connections.

Prota Detail – creates detail drawings for reinforced concrete structures, as well as performs durability testing.

Prota BIM – provides cooperation with Revit and other BIM systems.

Parametric 3D modeling and 2 - 5 axes CNC - ZW3D

ZW3D is an all-in-one CAD&CAM system.

In the program, it is possible to model parametric 3D elements (part), assemblies, create 2D documentation (2D drafting), prepare G-code (e.g. MACH 3, FANUC) for CNC control workbenches.

It is possible to import DWG, DXF, IGES, STP, STEP, etc. files that enable teamwork with other CAD, CAM and BIM systems.

The program is also widely used in the production of 3D printing models.

Visualisation - KeyShot

KeyShot for ZW3D – ZW3D program add-on, designed for visualization. One of the advantages is the live connection with the ZW3D program, which ensures that the latest model is displayed in the visualization.

KeyShot is an advanced 3D rendering software that simplifies the visualization creation process with an intuitive, streamlined user interface.

CYPE StruBIM Steel

Designing 3D parts and assemblies

Model grid and structure members. When entering the section, it is necessary to choose the type, material and profile section, and in some cases also its layout. To facilitate modeling, you can also set the characteristics of the insertion point by choosing alignment conditions and applying rotations and displacements. Various standards are supported, including Eurocode EN 1993, Eurocode EN 1992 and others.

StruBIM Steel is a program for modeling steel structure details. This program includes various tools for BIM 3D modeling and allows users to accurately model all required elements such as columns, beams, plates, bolts, welds and anchors. As a result, the application can create a 3D production model and 2D documentation for production. The result can be exported in DWG, PDF, IFC, STEP, DSTV formats.