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ProtaStructure Suite seismiskās iespējas

ProtaStructure helps you design safe buildings around the world! You can model, analyze, design and detail your structures easily. In this video, you will explore the comprehensive code-coverage, different modeling options and analysis methods of ProtaStructure in less than an hour. ProtaStructure is an innovative structural BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.

Kā pārvaldīt modeļu slodzi, izmantojot ProtaStructure Suite

Define load cases and assign load combinations to your models easily. With ProtaStructure Suite 2022, you can work with point, frame, and surface loads. Based on the design and seismic codes you choose, load combinations are automatically created and applied on your model considering lateral soil pressure, wind and temperature difference loads, seismic loads, and snow loads. Want to learn how? Watch this webinar recording and find out!

Strukturālā BIM projektēšana un detalizācija, izmantojot ProtaStructure Suite

You’ll see step-by-step how to model, analyze, design, and detail steel and concrete buildings. In addition, you’ll learn about powerful new features we introduced this year to ProtaStructure Suite. The new interface of ProtaSteel, handy new tools of ProtaStructure, intelligent reinforcements in ProtaDetails, and improvements in ProtaBIM to enhance coordination.

Svarīgas jaunas ProtaStructure Suite  funkcijas un jaudīgi padomi un triki

ProtaStructure Suite is more robust and faster than ever! In this video, you will discover Prota’s innovations in 3D modeling, automated steel, and concrete building design, intelligent reinforcement, steel detailing, and BIM technology advancements for coordination, fabrication and construction.

Kā izveidot ēkas pamatus izmantojot ProtaStructure

In this webinar, we demonstrated how to design mat foundations step-by-step. In this video, you will learn everything you need to design mat foundations, create FE model, perform analysis, obtain the reports, and more…

RC siju projektēšana un detalizācija, izmantojot ProtaStructure Suite

You are going to learn every detail and tips & tricks of RC beam design, and take a closer look at the new interactive beam design interface in this webinar recording.

Tērauda konstrukciju modelēšana programmā ProtaStructure

In this webinar, the modeling of steel domes, curved/arch beams and frames members are demonstrated on real models.