3D point clouds

Point clouds are made with laser scanners to capture building and environment dimensions.

ArchlineXP PRO

ZWCAD x ARCHLine.XP Plugin: Better Connection between CAD and BIM

ZWCAD and ARCHLine.XP provides an efficient and effortless CAD-BIM solution for those who are familiar with CAD but new to BIM. With this solution, they can take advantage of the superior 2D drafting capabilities in ZWCAD and while enhancing collaboration and efficiency by creating a BIM model in ARCHLine.XP.

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Attach Point cloud to a project

ARCHLine.XP imports widely known point clod formats to support building survey and in the long-term place any particular objects.
The Point cloud can be displayed in its real size on the 3D model and at the same time it creates its top view on the 2D layout. 
Location of the command: Building – Point cloud – Import
ARCHLine.XP displays the Import Point Cloud dialog. Navigate to the folder containing the files with .ply or .e57 extension.
Point clouds can be attached to a project like other external references (xref). 
During import the factors of the scale can be modified so the Point cloud is modified automatically according to the modified scale factor.


The PointCab 4ZWCAD plugin provides one of the easiest workflows for modeling point clouds in ZWCAD by directly translating point cloud data into ZWCAD objects such as lines, polylines, blocks and much more.

Take a look at what functions our ZWCAD plugin has to offer:

  • Connection to all main ZWCAD 2D functionalities
  • Ability to transfer coordinates & distances
  • Fixing and locking of axes while drawing
  • Create connected lines, polylines, multilines & TIN surfaces
  • Transfer from UCS to WCS
  • Flatten heights in drawing
  • Insert your own lisp scripts into our plugin (+ icons)
  • Transfer Tool for layouts/sections
  • Compatible with ZWCAD, version 21 or higher