BIM software for design of roads and highways

WELCOME TO sierrasoft Roads

SierraSoft Roads is a BIM software for the design of roads and highways

The ease of use, outstanding performance and functional design found in SierraSoft Roads mean that the design of any type of road, highway, roundabout, junction, intersection, entry/exit lane, etc., is fast and precise.

Single-user license (Perpetual): € 2,790

Single-user license (Perpetual): € 795

SierraSoft Roads overview:

SierraSoft Roads automates entire stages of the design and makes everything extremely easy; the designer always has complete control over the design data and constant access to all its information. Based on a powerful BIM modeller it allows to manage BIM processes / flows guaranteeing the interoperability with other applications and sharing information via open file formats.

General features:

  • M3 Framework platform.
  • Ergonomic Interface.
  • Customized sliding toolbar.
  • Management of multiple windows, multi pages and multi monitors.
  • Standard windows and full screen working method.
  • Intelligent Command line.
  • SmartSave system for the secure saving of data.
  • International unit of measure management (Metrics and Imperials).
  • SmartHelp system for learning by doing.

Geometry annotation

Alignment design in a natural way

A new system with a few essential commands allows to solve complicated cases in a natural way through grips, properties and intelligent objects. Everything is displayed in real time and can be verified due to the current policy. The alignment design has never been so easy.

Modification and check in real time

Zero waiting times between changes and final results

It is possible to control the design like never before, drastically reduce designing time thanks to 3D real time cross-section on planimetry. By changing a parameter everything is updated automatically. The result can be immediately checked even before creating the final project. Maximum control over the entire design and over every detail.


Create the project with one click

It is possible to create a project with incredible ease. Insert axis and define the typical sections and you will have the finished project only with one click. Do you need to make some changes? You can do it just where you need it and then with one click everything is updated.


Even simpler

Whether it’s roundabouts, at-grade intersections or complex interchanges, you can design them with SierraSoft Roads fast and accurately as never before.
With a few click you can create and directly change them in 3D on planimetry.

Typical sections

Easily create parametric typical sections

Create and customize your typical sections as you’ve never done before, thanks to the intuitive system of SierraSoft Roads: a simple objects oriented system combined with a very powerfull parametric system.

Sections and profiles

Choose the data you want to extract

SierraSoft Roads automatically renders profiles and sections from models, laser scanner surveys and digital maps. You can extract and analyze edges, walls, ditches and any other element of the section, directly on profile.


Calculate volumes as you want

From the elements available of the section you can obtain the volumes you want, just putting on relation cut, fill, layers, etc. According to the elements available on the sections, you decide which are the areas and the volumes you want to estimate.

Point clouds

Upload and manage point clouds in a very simple way

Easy handle one or more point clouds of any size.
Loading and display are really fast, drawing and extraction functions occur in real time.
A special tool “SierraSoft Mass Data Convertes” allows to convert LAS, XYZ, PTS and XCF files so that you are able to handle them with SierraSoft Roads.


Free to design where you prefer

Design according to the road and highway design standards you need.
Thanks to an open and smart system, you can extend the road and highway design standards with the new one you need.
You can validate the calculations and verify the used functions and procedures.
Thanks to this system you can work with no limits and have control over the project in real time.

Multi Multi Multi

Multiply your workspace

Extend at will the space where to manage your projects.
Split your project in several windows, pages and monitors. All data and views are synchronized in real time. Start a project in a window and continue working on it in another window on another monitor.
Discover a new dimension for working.

Mega projects

When size matters

100+ Axes
1.000+ Sections
1.000.000+ Triangles
100.000.000+ Points from point clouds

With SierraSoft Roads you can manage big quantities of data. Only necessary data are loaded into memory and the ones on the disk are automatically compressed in order to create small files. No more limits to your projects. Your projects will have no limits.


  • SierraSoft Roads
  • BIM software for the design of roads and highways
  • Version 5.0
  • Perpetual license or time limited license

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
  • 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor 1 GHz or more.
  • 2 GB minimum RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • 2 GB hard disk space.
  • Display Resolution 1280×1024 True Color (1600×1050 or more recommended).
  • Browser Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later).
  • DVD-ROM player.

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The ease of use, outstanding performance and functional design found in SierraSoft Roads mean that the design of any type of road, highway, roundabout, junction, intersection, entry/exit lane, etc., is fast and precise.

Try free of charge for 30 days!