SAT file import from Rhino into ZWCAD

In this fascinating tutorial video, Gediminas demonstrates how he seamlessly imports an SAT file from Rhino into #ZWCAD and prepares the files in ZWCAD for laser cutting, providing you with valuable insights into problem-solving along the way.  Gediminas reveals why ZWCAD is his top choice, highlighting its cost-effectiveness and lightning-fast capabilities as an AutoCAD alternative! […]

Importing Architectural plans

In the Architectural plans workshop, we will learn how to import the floor plan provided by the architect into the program. The floor plan can be an image, PDF, DWG drawing, IFC model or a Revit file. Try for free ARCHLINE.XP

Quantities, Improved IFC and Better Coordination in the New Renga Release

With the new release of Renga, we are delivering even more capabilities specifically tailored to the way you work. We’re implementing new enhancements geared towards tools for automatic drawings production. We’re improving how Renga coordinates across products by generating new unique object IDs, and we’re giving your productivity a boost with new IFC functionality. New […]

2D, 3D and BIM – what’s the difference?


When it comes to design software, the choices are endless. To meet the needs of many professionals, the industry provides software solutions for 2D, CAD, and BIM design. What are the strong points for each type, and which one should you use for which kind of work? In simple terms, we can say that 2D […]

Renga 4.5 Release Announcement

Renga Software development team is exited to announce the latest release of Renga BIM system. This release brings you enhancements and optimizations – including better interoperability and integration between Renga and other BIM software – and a piece of new functionality that will speed up your project delivery. Read on to see what’s new in […]

Renga BIM 4.4 Release

Renga Software product team is very excited to announce the release of Renga 4.4 to all our current and future users. In the latest version of Renga we implemented parametric objects in low current systems, textures in materials, and grid lines import from and export to IFC. Read on to see what’s new in Renga […]

What’s new in ArCADia BIM 11

New industry modules now available: Landscape Architecture + 3D elements library; Lighting protection installation; Sewage network; Reinforced concrete component. Learn More

Remodeled in ARCHLine.XP – Bauhaus, Dessau

The building erected in Dessau is the work Walter Gropius, the school’s director and architect. The building complex consists of three main wings, which are connected to each other by bridges. From administration through housing for students and faculty members to classrooms and workshops, everything could be found on the Dessau campus. This also reflected […]