ZWCAD Civil Standard

Topography, Land Development and Volume Calculations

Topography, Land Development and Volume Calculations

Note: this product is available in a separate version designated for ZWCAD under the name ZWCAD Civil Standard.

The price for one licence: € 1900 + VAT

ZWCAD Civil Standard package adds to the Survey package a full set of features for handling contour lines and land development calculations. Work is made simple from field data input and production of area maps, to the successful execution of the final set out stage.

  • Automatic creation and processing of contour lines
  • Advanced and automatic solutions for handling open and closed breaklines
  • Multiple presentation formats for breaklines on the drawing
  • Creation of quick ground sections between any two points
  • Calculation of quantities between layers and their presentation in either earthworks grid, triangles grid, cross sections or division into lots
  • Detailed quantities report production
  • Wide range of solutions for handling planes (lots) and their side-slopes
  • Drawing of zero line and earthworks contour lines

ZWCAD Civil-Standard Features:

  • Creation and processing of contour lines including automatic elevation labeling (in uphill direction) and an option to complete the elevation labeling in any desired location. More options include division into layers – automatic or according to user selection, definition of contour lines borders in numerous fashions – by automatic borders reduction, definition of minimum distance for interpolation or defining a border according to a border-line.
  • Processing and creation of breaklines throughout a dynamic changing of the contour lines during the lines processing, export of the lines to a separate file, separation to open breaklines, or breaklines defining areas not for calculation (structures etc.), presentation of breaklines in multiple forms (cliff, slope) etc.
  • Working with 3D model displaying the model’s perspective, working with both existing and design models simultaneously, instant display of existing or designed calculated elevation at any location by a mouse click.
  • Creation of quick ground sections between any two given points including existing status, designed status and a data table. Option for receiving sections in any desired scale to the length and to the height.
  • Earthworks computations between existing and designed levels while receiving the data straight from the measuring tool and/or designed points or contour lines, receipt of computations in a detailed square or triangle grid display, including existing or designed elevation and heights intervals in any corner of the grid. All quantity calculations will be accompanied by detailed reports that show the computation method and are capable of being printed directly to a printer, be exported to Microsoft Excel or be displayed as part of the drawing.
  • Designing in planes (lots) all while defining the planes borders and their elevations – slopes design in relation to fill and cut, option for defining multiple slopes for the same plane, computation of Earthworks, and drawing of designed contour lines in planes, receipt of an earthworks balance grid including a detailed report and earthworks quantities for each section of the grid.
  • Drawing of zero line and earthworks contour lines for both planes design and computation of earthworks between layers. The tools above, along with the features in CivilCAD 10-Survey, turn CivilCAD 10-Standard to the most attractive design software in the market today, and the only one to match market standards set by authorities (municipalities) and clients worldwide.

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